Laundry Wash

We offer our laundry service to everyone – to companies and private clients.
First of all we sort the laundry, remove the stains and then select the correct washing cycle. After washing we sort all of it again and then put it in the dryer at the correct temperature. Once dry, we iron and pack it.
If you do not have time to bring us your laundry, we can arrange to come to you! You can order our Laundry Taxi, saving you time and energy because we do all the work. We bring fresh and clean laundry where ever you wish.


Self-Service Laundry


Our self-service laundry allows you to wash your items yourself. Our employees will be glad to help, if any assistance is needed. They can tell you which cycle would be wise to use and how to do so. Making use of our self-service laundry, will also be cheaper than making use of our other services.

Carpet Cleaning


We clean carpets in size up to 3×4 m2.
If you do not have time to bring us your carpet or take your clean carpet back home, order our Laundry Taxi. You will receive it right where you need it, plus you save time!

Laundry Taxi


If it is not possible or you simply do not have time to bring us your laundry – order our Laundry Taxi. We will collect your dirty laundry and bring it back all fresh and clean.
One-way trip in the town limit is 3.50€.
When you order us outside of Tartu, every kilometre is 30 cents extra.