Terms and Conditions of Tartu Pesuköök

PS! Cleaning clothes always comes with risks that are not dependent on the technology of said cleaning.

Buttons, zippers, pearls, tags, pendants and other embellishments may melt or glue can come off; leather may change colour; complete removal of stains may be unsuccessful; torn items may tear even more. The Laundry does not guarantee prevention of the risks mentioned above.

By ordering our service the Client agrees that the risks mentioned above are acknowledged and the Client cannot claim compensation, should the item be damaged in the ways mentioned.

Cleaned items will be stored for 6 months. After this the items will be utilised.

Contractual relationship between Laundry and Client is terminated after delivering the items to the Client.

Please check your items on site prior to leaving the premesis. Subsequent complaints are taken into consideration only when the Client proves the damage was caused by the Laundry.

Terms and Conditions of Laundry Taxi

Using the service provided by Laundry Taxi the deadline/period of washing is 48 hours. Express service takes 24 hours, an additional 10% will be added to the final cost. You may receive your items on the same day prior to an initial agreement.

Please take into account the time spent on sorting the items, stain removals, washing, drying and packaging.

Cleaning carpets may take up to 10 days.